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Investment properties in Pagosa Springs are an excellent way to provide extra income through either renting, or flipping the home to gain a return. Kaufman Team can find a variety of investment properties for sale in Pagosa Springs, so that you can take that first step into the real estate market. Whether you are looking to supplement your income with a rental property or seeking to earn a larger return on your investment, Kaufman Team and it’s top Colorado real estate agents can help find the right property for you.

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Buy Rental Homes in Pagosa Springs

Rental homes are one of the best ways to supplement your income and provide additional revenue for yourself and your family. You can find a variety of rental homes for sale in Pagosa Springs to invest in, and they can include single family homes, apartments, townhomes, condominiums, or any other kind of residential dwelling. Kaufman Team has the resources and knowledge to help you find the right rental home to give you additional monthly income. Contact our trusted real estate agents today to find out more.

Income Property
Real Estate

Income properties are popular in Pagosa Springs and can help supplement your income in the most lucrative way possible. The Pagosa Springs realtors at Kaufman Team can help you find the right income property in Colorado.

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Building a Real Estate Portfolio

If you are looking to build your real estate portfolio, consult with Kaufman Team and talk with one of our top-rated Pagosa Springs real estate agents to find out more about investment properties in Colorado.

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Commercial VS Residential Investment

Deciding to invest in a commercial or residential property is not an easy decision. Both offer their own set of benefits and drawbacks, but luckily, the Pagosa Springs real estate agents at the Kaufman Team can give you expert advice on any investment properties you’re looking to use to expand your real estate portfolio.

Commercial Advantages

Commercial Advantages

Higher Returns

Qualified Tenants

Triple Net Leases

Residential Advantages

Residential Advantages

Lower Cost Of Entry

Decreased Tenant Turnover

More Lenient Zoning Laws


Contact the Kaufman Team today to learn more about commercial and residential investment properties in Pagosa Springs.

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Managing Rentals Yourself VS
Using a Property Management Company

Kaufman Team can give you the advice and resources you need to learn about managing your rental property in Pagosa Springs or help find the right property managementv company to do the job for you.

Advantages Using a Property Management Company
More Efficient Rent Collection

More Efficient Rent Collection

Ensuring consistent and reliable cash flow with on-time rent collection.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Maintenance Costs

Trustworthy contractors who can provide expert maintenance for your property.

Sustain Property Value

Property Value

With continual, preventative maintenance, your property’s value can be sustained for years to come.

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Advice For Buying Rental Properties
In Pagosa Springs

Get the best advice for buying rental properties in Pagosa Springs when you consult with the trusted real estate agents at Kaufman Team.

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